2018 Summer Garden Layout

This is our first year trying out our new raised bed garden system. I LOVE it! It has been much easier keeping things organized, and I do love an organized garden.

Below you can see the overall layout of the garden. We have created a gravel path between the beds. Another key thing that we have done to help fight off weeds is to lay newspaper down around the plants and top it with mulch. You can see we used a variety of mulches for no apparent reason. We had to wait until the plants started growing and we could distinguish between veggie plant and weed to begin mulching the garden.


I also wanted to see if sunflowers could grow. And boy have they grown!! No blooms yet, but I am very hopeful. I made a row of sunflowers between the right-most bed and the compost bins.



The right-most bed has onions, garlic, bell peppers, and okra. The okra in the far back corner has struggled a little, possibly due to a lack of sun because of shade from the tree.


The back, right bed has corn and pole beans growing. We also have a volunteer melon mixed in under the corn. It’ll be interesting to see how he does.


The back, left bed has more pole beans, some bush beans, and cucumbers. The bush beans have already started producing!!


The left-most bed has jalapeno peppers, carrots, and yellow and zucchini squash. As you can see below, the carrots clustered together in random spots.

IMG_4563 2

The front, middle bed is all about tomatoes!! We have cherry and roma tomatoes growing this year! I planted calendula between the two types of tomatoes because I read that it deters tomato flies.


The back, middle bed is full of melons! This year we planted honeydew and cantaloupe. They are spreading out a lot!! They are trying to take over our rock path in many areas.


We also have three more raised beds that were here when we bought the house. These beds are the home to more tomatoes, broccoli, more okra, more bell peppers, and herbs (thyme, oregano, basil, and rosemary).

IMG_0120 2



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