Garden Prep and Planning

Spring is in the air! Warmer weather. Longer days. Lots of rain. Trees and flowers in bloom. Our garden preparations are well underway!

We decided to build more raised beds for our garden this year. Chris, my handyman husband, got right to work. We purchased our lumber from Home Depot. We purchased pressure treated wood that was placed in the 70% off bin. This wood is discounted because of large knots and major warps. The warped wood can be a little difficult to work with, but, ultimately, we didn’t need anything fancy because this wood will just be sitting on the ground. The fact that it is 70% off helps too!
**Important note: Newly pressure treated wood NO LONGER contains arsenic and other harmful chemicals. We asked around and everyone said that it would not be harmful in our garden.


One of my favorite parts of the garden planning and prep work is going to the store and looking at all the seed packets. My eyes were drawn to the flowers this year, so we will be integrating more flowers into the garden. Most of which will serve a purpose… which is awesome!

I have spent a lot of time researching gardening over the past few months. Below I have listed a few of my take-aways.
1. Calendula repels tomato worm.
2. Marigolds are great in gardens. They repel aphid, bean beetles, and more.
3. Rosemary deters cabbage moth, bean beetles, and carrot flies.
4. Chile peppers keep flying bugs away.
5. Thyme deters cabbage worm.

The fun part: working on my garden layout…




We are eager and excited to get our seeds in the ground. Hopeful to start planting in just a couple weeks depending on what our weather decides to do.

Happy planting.


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  1. carolee says:

    Looks great! Best of luck in the coming season.


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