Wall Hook Rack

First, I purchased a 1×4 piece of wood from Home Depot. I knew I wanted to paint the board, so I did not worry about getting the most expensive or prettiest piece of wood. My board ended up being around $10. I also purchased hooks from Home Depot. They came in a package of 3 for about $8 per package. I got two packages.

Then, I determined my length and where I wanted my hooks. I settled on this:
– length of 4 feet
– first hook 4 inches in
– placed hooks 8 inches apart
– last hook was 4 inches from the end

Next, I cut the board, sanded the board, and painted the board.

Finally, I measured my hook placement and made dots where I needed to drill. I pre-drilled the holes and then screwed in the hooks. Ta-da! You have a board with hooks!


My husband came into play when it was time to hang the wall hook rack. He drilled directly through the rack into the studs. He then put wood filler over the inset screws, and I painted over it once it dried.




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