Fall Wreath

I have always loved to craft. Creating something new and adding homey touches to the house is my favorite! We bought our first home last November (November of 2016) and I have loved every minute of decorating or “nesting” as I’ve heard many call it.

This wreath is one of the very first items I made and added above our fireplace. It was simple and fun to make! 2D0E8CDA-7086-4D46-8EFE-A88E4B276889


hot glue gun
leaves or greenery of choice
grapevine wreath
wire cutters


  1. Begin by cutting the greenery so that you have short, individual stems.
  2. Begin sticking the stems into the grapevine wreath for the desired look. Then you can start to hot glue the ends as you stick them in so that they stay in place.
  3. Fill out our wreath and hang it on a hook wherever you would like.



I purchased my leaves and wreath starter from Hobby Lobby on the 50% off week. If you didn’t know, Hobby Lobby items go on sale (50% off) almost every other week! I bought about 6 bundles and had plenty extra. Each bundle only cost me $3!


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